Cost of running a gangstalking campaign

At a Glance

  • Stalking 24 hours a day is not free, stalkers need to be paid
  • Also there is costs to following me around the country
  • In most cases victims have to be killed for the motive to materialize
  • I am assuming between R25 and R75 per hour
  • Per year its between R438 000 and R6.57 million
  • Clearly there is a business motive, a profit gain

24 hour Stalking Means People are Paid
Having been stalked for a while and experiencing a number of strange events, it started to become clear there is somekind of profit being made somehow. It would have to make sense since I counted over 10 people who where regularly stalking me.

Not only was it stalking, but there were people constantly (as in 24 hours a day) doing work either by just shoving themselves into my life or stalking actions.

I was being followed from Cape Town to other parts of the country. On the plane, while I am in a public transport, while driving, pretty much all the time 24 hours a day (otherwise it would not be gangstalking)

So how much is being spent on these 10 odd people or at any given hour of the day, 3 people spying and stalking.

Who is going to be up at 2am in the morning to disrupt my sleep or do anything that interferes with my life?

The numbers
I would assume R25/hour at 24 hours a day for 365 days, this amounts to R 438 000 per year paid to any 2 people doing s shift. It could also be 4 people working 12 hour shifts or 8 people working 6 hours shifts.

Assuming R50/hour for any 2 people on a shift means R876 000 per year paid to my stalkers.
And R75/hour results in R6.57 millon a year

Now who in their right mind is going to throw away such a large amount of cash just to stalk a random person. This is definately a business where the scheme does make a profit.

If we take a 50% profit margin per year (on average) this would be
R219 000 profit per year for the R438 000 investment meaning a revenue of (R657K per annum)

Likewise for investment of R6.57m per year at 50% profit will need a revenue of R9.855 mil

This is almost R10 million per year revenue for a single victim being alive for that year.

Where does the money come from
There has to be some illegal white collar crime. Sums of money involved have to be enough to push a person to stalk and ultilmately kill the victim.


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