When will it end: Part 3: Crime that is growing

  • Gangstalking Crime is growing exponentially
  • A given victim has 3 to 12 perpetrators
  • Spreading lies and rumors might eventually exhaust a given social circle
  • Technology might reach into the wrong hands
  • Crime might loose its roots of being carefully planned and slow kill
  • New generation of criminals might go for a quick kill, quick reward

In the previous 2 parts, looked at how decreases in the tax pool from crippled workforce as well as technological advances will help bring more awareness to gang stalking and electronic harassment.

Runs out of people to lie to
Besides the mind control and surveillance, gangstalking, the part that destroys a person socially and leaves him as an outcast, this part requires real effort from the perpetrators. For instance to sabotage a job application, a call or email has to be sent to the prospective employer. To sabotage a relationships people have to be contacted.

Now things get interesting years down the line, when more and more of the same patterns begin to emerge. Image person A having 5 close friends. hears ugly rumors about friend 1 and ends the friendship. Then 3 years later hears similar ugly rumors about friend 2 also friend 2 acting crazy, terminates friendship only to hear the same rumors about friend 3 this time around only 1 year later.

Something will just not add up. At some point the gangstalking scheme will begin to run out of fresh green non targets who have not heard lies before.

Growing Career for Perpetrators
Number of victims is growing and so is the number of perpetrators. Roughly there are 3-12 perps per victim. There are no real figures of this unregulated industry but in 2020 there could be about 1.5 million victims in the most powerful nation in the world.

This would mean between 4.5 mil and 18mil perpetrators. Growing number of perpetrators will mean the career is no longer secretive or elite, it can easily degenerate into any other common low life crime.

Now if one is an unhappy perp for whatever reason, lets say 5 years in the game and the perp wants to now be the boss? what then, what stops those with higher ambitions to start their own shops, hire the younger generation cut out the big boss, get more of the cash?

Unsophisticated Criminal Getting hold of the technology
Because this crime gets most of its power from having the victim completely powerless, its very attractive to criminals who want to get away with murder. Such tools and technology in the very wrong hands will lend to scenarios where victims are being killed quicker to make the bucks quicker.

As things stand right now, the crimes are well planned, strict and almost military like. They require a lot of patience and precision from the perpetrators. In short cannot afford to make to many mistakes.

But its still a growing crime. What happens when a not so patient, not so careful, not so sophisticated criminal gets hold of the tech and cuts out the gangstalking part, goes straight for the kill.

Quicker Kills, Quicker Bucks
Why wait 3-5 years to simulate an illness for converting up the tracks if a non sophisticated criminal can use this amazing remote, non touch weapon as a substitute for a gun.

Instead of robbing at gun point, the criminal mind control the victim draw large sums from a bank, drive the car to a convenient location cash in car, park, then have the victim kill himself or walk back home with no memory recollection of the entire event.

Crime being too Common
Its not only the criminals but also in a domestic setting. As things stand today, some of the motives for using electronic harassment are not monetary at all but simply to make the victim suffer out of revenge.

Examples angry ex wife wants to get back at husband, or some sick male wants to sexually assault a number of women. Or some start up entrepreneur wants to have his employers as slaves, they are mind controlled to only work even on weekends, public holidays, overtime while only taking home very little.


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