When will Gangstalking and Electronic harassment end – Part 1


  • Problem has been going on for years
  • Those in power do know very well the issue
  • Profits and denials are the problem
  • It will take a dry of of these profits to stop the problem

I got to know I am a targeted individual around June 2016 after months of strange events that started at my work place. I went through a very tough and confusing 6 months where there was a lot of pain, stress and depression.

So then when will this end when will it be the first time what people can get a remedy or cure for electronic harassment and gangstalking?

Its worth remembering that at the core of gangstalking is the fact the perpetrator can see all that the victim does 24 hours a day. Take away the surveillance and privacy invasion (i.e take away the chip or whatever i used to control the brain) then a goof chunk of the problem is solved.

It sounds easy enough, one can just find a doctor or scanner then take the crap out.

Why has this not been done (on a larger scale at least)? I have read many accounts of victims that have struggled for over 10 years some close to 20 years and offcourse they would have tried everything.

Why is this dragging on for so long? See this post as to why this will carry out for years to come. In short government, medical practitioners, law enforcement and the media all know exactly what is going on. They know the A-Z of the problem but because they are profiting, they are playing dumb or incomplete denial.

It then makes perfect sense that the only way this will stop is if the profits begin to dry up, and sadly this will mean a lot of people, a significant portion of the population will have to be victims.

A good number would be 25% of the workforce being completely sick, depressed and not able to contribute to the economy. Currencies will just be crippled with everyone claiming from health insurance, retirement funds, work absenteeism, decreased tax pool for the government.

Then the next logical question is when will 25% of the workforce be in such a terrible state? Did a number of calculations and (will not get into the details here) but in short if for a country with a workforce of 160million people, it would take about 21 years only if the rate of new victims also happens to be 25%.

That’s a long time and a lot of victims later, and if you are to have pity and only 10% new victims per year this will take 49 years, roughly half a century or 2 generations.


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