When will it end – Part 2: Victim’s stories gaininig credibility

Part 2 – Technology to bridge the gap and help spread the word.

  • Problem: Non victims do not think its technologically feasible
  • Consequence: Spreading the word is hard, victim is labeled crazy
  • In near future (year 2020) technology will bridge the mental block in non victims
  • Mind reading, stalking via live stream video will all be feasible
  • Victim’s stories will be more credible

In part one, the problem is that those in power are turning a blind eye to this issue because they are profiting or are being threatened to not take any action.

Its only when about a significant number of tax payers (say about 25% of the workforce) cannot contribute to the tax pool that most will begin to take action. How ever this will take between 20 and 50 years.

It will not only be this dying of people that can help bring the problem to the fore, but also technological advances, yes that interned bandwidth and that smart phone that most stalkers can use almost anywhere (at bus station, at the coffee shop at the park)

Non Victim finds its hard to believe
What is the problem here? Most non victims just do not think its possible at least technologically The idea of mind reading, of controlling someone’s mind of a victim becoming a living GPS and almost robot like, its a huge mindset jump, almost too sci-fi.

Live stream harassment videos bridge the gap
But what if most people can see a victim being harassed, this is not hard at all. Gangstalkers will in most cases fool neighbors and friends into stalking the victims via video streams being broadcast live. So all the victim does is almost a live video, being in the toilet, getting to bed, searching the web.

So by broadcasting the events and seeing through someone’s eyes (victim’s eyes being a sort of camera) it then becomes immediately believable.

Consumer electronics to bridge the gap
Other technological advances will be consumer electronics. Just see how far the smart phone has come along in 2010 it was a luxury, 2015 a necessity, 2020 smart phones will be taken for granted, it will now be about smart wearable (smart watches and VR/AR – Google glass and the likes).

Most smart watches will be with some sort of heart rate monitor some other sensors, bandwidth everywhere, so by 2020 there will be very little wow factors in technology

With all of this technology and the fact that stalking will be relatively easy now thanks to even more advanced smart phones that can stream live videos, it will be hard to label and victim as just a mental case.

Mainstream Research into Mindreading
What will also be a big boost in busting the mind reading is impossible myth, will be main stream legal and publicly transparent researches currently taking place.For instance to help the deaf, blind and those who cannot communicate.

These are aimed at providing medical benefits as opposed to being tools to commit crimes. Off course the public will be very concerned about their minds being read, and legislation and roll out will take a lot longer.

However the fact will be non victims will have credible sources and undeniable proof this exists


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