Why Gangstalking will be around for years to come

It is a crime, its killing people, its wrong, but how come there seems to be on one who is doing anything about it?

Gangstalking has been around for a long time and of late has been claiming the lives of even more victims. But why has there not been a solution found by now?

1) There is a great deal of effort on the part of the government and the white collar organized crime to kill the spread of information. Meaning lots of money is spent in covering up tracks. Those in power are denying. (Lawyers, police, medical practitioners, Media). No person is going to risk their life just for a few victims.

2) A person is only aware of such as thing as organized/gang stalking when they become a victim. This is unlike other serious killers such as cancer, or STD’s or mental illnesses. In most cases most non victims carry on with their every day life

3) The scheme is just too complex and too clever to be understood by an average person. Most victims spend on average (I think) 3-5 years and only get to realize what is going on. I have bee so lucky it took me roughly 6 months

4) There is a great gap in understanding what the problem is. In my case even when presented with information and had all the facts on the table, it took me another month to get the full picture, to understand all the pieces and to accept reality.

5) Its a really negative topic, non victims do not want to be dragged in and will do all possible to avoid the topic. Also being too hard a topic to grasp they will not get it.


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