Electronic Harassment. The Perfect Weapon for Insurance Fraud

Military technology is often kept a state secret but does not make it safe from theft by criminal gangs. Such technology can be as much as 10 to 20 years ahead of what an average citizen can imagine making is use on innocent victims hard to be detected.

An outline of how electronic harassment and gang stalking is used to murder an employee for company insurance. The steps are how a digital agency in Cape Town (South Africa) plays on job seekers for fraudulent profits.

The Normal Looking Job Post
Company puts out a job post for candidates with mid to expert experience, promise competitive market related remuneration. Job post claim the role is due to the growing company and having new opportunities from clients.

Actively looking for Easy Prey
Calls candidates in for a job interview, do all security checks, but only select candidates with a not so strong background or candidates that will be easy to set up.

Besides the standard background check for criminal records and references, the underground team does a more detailed stalking check with the aim of finding dirt on the candidate. This could be secretly baiting previous employers of the candidate for negative flags or simply looking for obvious incompetencies. This list of negatives against the candidate will later be used as the basis for constructive dismissal or blackmail to force a compensation free termination.

Put in other words, the company filters out what should have been very qualified candidates and employ only those that would be trapped for guilt and set up for work place mobbing. This is simply because THERE IS NO legitimate vacancy only an elaborate scam.

Practical examples, if the candidate is on medication for say depression or bipolar, the underground gang would have done this sort of check. Or if the candidate had been fired before (chances that he will mess up again to be easily fired).

Placed on the Hit List
Once the candidate accepts offer of employment, he or she is then unknowingly placed on the hit list for artificially constructed events that increase the likelihood of death. First few months go by with the employee completely unaware of the under ground gang  that begins to stalk and calculate ways to disrupt his life.

This underground gang will ensure (when the time is right) that the employee

  • Cannot find another job or any means to have an income
  • Does not have a social life, or have all relationships destroyed
  • Looses social standing by spread of lot of serious lies and rumors
  • Is involved in staged car accidents, forced entry into home for food poisoning, tampering with car
  • Dies of created terminal illnesses such as cancer

Things all seem normal for a few months until being deliberately fired via workplace mobbing and constructive dismissal.

Workplace Mobbing
After only a few months, the employee is systematically fired. Often the very confused individual is left no choice but to resign from the job not knowing all was planned. Victim leaves not knowing it will not be possible to find another job or about the existence of the specialized paid gang.

Placed Under Surveillance
Individual is placed under 24/7 surveillance at his private home and at work either by using a number of hidden electronics, bugs and spy cameras. Or by using advanced military technology known as remote neural monitoring, the equivalent of placing a hidden nano microchip on the victim.

Privacy then becomes impossible as all activities are recorded helping the underground gang to sabotage all key events( for instance job applications, eaves doping into communications, getting to know the victim’s daily routines etc).

More so is there are compromising acts such as alcohol consumption, sexual activities … things that should be private, all recorded and later used to discredit the victim.

Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment
Once the employee has left the company, full on gang stalking and electronic harassment tactics are used to end his life. At this point in time, its near impossible to prove electronic harassment making it a viable weapon for murder.

Most victims go for years without knowing what is happening. For one most of the life sabotage and attacks are done remotely thanks for the surveillance. It becomes impossible to find the gang, to stop it or even fight back.


8 thoughts on “Electronic Harassment. The Perfect Weapon for Insurance Fraud

  1. Good day similar acts was done to me at Kyalami Food Lovers Market I was a Bakery Manager I was setup for stealing a scone of which I never ate it but the degree of harassement was very high and it was happen in front of the Bosses and some managers were partcipating in this act.Also I have been a victim for electronic harassment and gang stalking for the last ± 17 years and these insane idiots bribed CCMA officials I have witnesses


      • Ag shame on me,It was going to better for you ‘I wonder’to contribute on possitive way to Victims like who even lost their family loved one due to long and systimatical stalking and electronical harrased ‘I wonder’this is not Joke innocent people I going through traumer on daily basis also dependinng on which side you are,A Perpetraitor or a Targeted I ndividual but the way you responded does’nt need explanation,but if are a seasoned(Perp)the Net is alread casted and if you are a biginer(not long in the stalking industry my advice’Stop’ you will make a diffirent to the World………to be continued


      • Oh okay Sifo, eish you know sum tymes, it is betta to leave ama-games out of this one. Because eish, joking and prentendining to be a vik-tim, that is what you now call a phe-phe-tratas


  2. Firstly you spell my name wrong and secondly you don’t know me you telling me that I am pretanding to be a Victim,you are a perpetraitor for your I think this is a serious platform Victim of bulling,gangstalking,electronic torture I don’t even think ‘Wonder’is your real name so you decided to pick me on what capacity are you engaging me,falls confidance you are stranger to me’I wonder’be a good Citizen you can’t tell me a pretander No! And I am on this platform not being part of entertainment please be human and respect I am angry uyadelela!


    • Yebo, Sifo, ama-games akho, because your are getting paid to troll. You have all the time. Please be human, Sifo, and respect the real vik-tims. Uyadelela! I am angry.


  3. You know what I am prepared to Kill or slaughter all perps if any chance avail its self so to me I count you a dead person,if any chance avail its self


    • Yebo sifo, Udlala ama-games akho futhi. You are already killing because you are a phe-phe-traitas. sies man. Hiding behind a fake peso-nalithi. Any way to make a living, Sifo?


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