A crime that is on the rise, a social problem…killing of another person by getting the entire community involved.

Its happening in South Africa as well and on a large scale. By 2015, there are over 1 000 South Africans who are slaves to lethal technological attacks, there is no help for them, there is no way for the to escape. (non official figure)

Its almost impossible to do gang stalking without the use of advanced electronic harassment. This allows the perpetrator to place the target under 24/7 surveillance and also to remotely induce harm.

Harm from a distance? Yes, by using classified military energy or frequency based weapons, there is no need to be in touching distance of the victim.

With enough cash, gangs are often organized to

  • Spread lies about the target
  • Commit the most effective character assassination
  • Ensure the target has no privacy to carry out sabotage of any kind
  • Hack all communications and electronic devices
  • Sabotage such as interfering with means to make an income, relationships
  • Cause health problems by using directed energy weapons
  • Drive the victim to insanity, make the victim look insane


Ultimate goal: kill without leaving a trace. Often carried out by well funded gangs.
Its murder without having to account for the crime. Today its really hard to prove gang stalking or electronic harassment. A very costly weapon that gives the perpetrator the best chance of looking completely innocent.

Very useful for large scale organized criminal offenses such as insurance fraud, seizing assets of another person,neutralizing political opponents or even revenge.


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