Beware Job Scams To Lure UnSuspecting Victims

Please be advised to be super vigilant when it comes to job applications especially when you have never heard of the company before. Fraud is always an alternative means to make profits  even a bigger problem if is life insurance is the means.

There are companies that create job adverts and vacancies with the sole purpose of illegally registering the employee to a fraudulent life insurance scheme then systematically create events that lead to death over a number of years.

One such company in Cape Town which is a digital agency involved in new age undetectable “oil snake cunning” tactics in partnership with underground criminal gangs to share the profits.

The plan is really simple, once the insurance is take out on the employee use a clever “system” to kill without anyone taking it for conventional murder.

What this well funded clever system involves:
Employee is placed under electronic surveillance without them noticing or being aware, effectively micro chip the employee and track their every move. Implications are 0 privacy or safety.

Gang Stalking
Have dedicated members of the underground gang spread lies and false rumors about the employee. Sabotage all his previous relationships, hack into communications (phone, email), interfere with job applications and much later on cause physical damage. This can be food poisoning, staged car accidents

Workplace Mobbing
Force the employee to leave the company, more than just constructive dismissal. Get all colleagues to participate in defamation of character

Electronic Harassment
Underground gang usually has access to advanced classified military technology that can cause harm from a distance, but often used in a non obvious way to cause long term cancer and other terminal illnesses.

Gang stalking and Electronic harassment are still relatively understood by the general public and often classified as non existent, delusional or not having enough merit for proof.

Which plays perfectly into the hands of such a digital agency that can then continue to hire, take out life insurance, fire or force to resign then kill the employee.

Job seekers are advised to be on the look out for this sort of unfortunate employment. The end result is only years and years of pain.


How the company plays the scam