Gangstalking-Electronic Harassment, Killing for Profit

At a Glance

  • Gangstalking is a well designed programe to kill a victim usually for millions
  • Technically complex, its a criminal offense which is really hard to trace
  • Perpetrator makes use of technology as well the the general public
  • Victim is made to be the bad person, the villain.

Gangstalking has one goal only, use victims for profit or some other unethical motive, then dispose of the evidence making it impossible to trace or prove the case.

This is quite hard to achieve and would need a lot of planning, technology and physcology.


All activities, actions and steps are carefully and surgically orchestrated to give the victim no chance of survival, place victims in a position where it would seem they are responsible for their deaths while the perpetrator walks away scott free usually with substantial profits (in the millions)

Ultimately the victim is subjected under a lot of life pressure leading to his death. Such pressures are

  • Ensure no job or means to make money, sabotage all
  • Kill off all health, mental, psychical and emotional
  • Destroy all of the person’s relationship, public image and social status
  • Drive one to insanity, drive a person to loose complete interest in life
  • Place the victim under 24/7 pressure, stress and depression
  • Take away anything, spiritual life, that can give victim inspiration and hope.

Use of advanced, secretive technology which in some cases involves some microchip implant in the victim’s head. As long as the perpetrators can get the unique brainwave signature, the technology allows for full access to the all senses.

Remote Neural Monitoring – technology for placing victim under 24/7 surveillance
Voice to Skull – Perpetrators disrupt victim’s mental state by sending voices and sounds

Directed Energy Weapon – Radioactive weapons to destroy the victim remotely (from a distance)

Brain Control – Technology to read victim’s mind, alter chemical balance, control emotions, disrupt concentration, basically do anything to the central nervous system

Get everyone( entire community) by spreading rumors that tarnish the victim’s reputation. Works in conjunction with surveillance.
In short constantly check what the victim plans to do then sabotage it.

Raw Stalking
Aim is to make sure the victim knows he is being watched and stalked all the time. Everywhere the person goes there is street threathre. Deliberately make the victim feel alien, unwanted and worthless by getting everyone to stalk him.

Career and business
Check the victim is trying to apply for a job, or has a new business deal, approach the prospective client with lies and slander

Approach friends and family with repulsive stories, drive all relationships away. In most cases neighbors are also involved in the stalking.

Religion and Church
Also attempt to isolate the victim from organizations. In essence leave one with no hope

Life in public
What is meant to be a normal life is now just a string of strange events. At the store the cashiers are rude, work such as dentists, handymen, repairs is over billed. Things are stolen from the home, items are missing, strangers know what the victim’s private life is about

Life is just a string of very unpleasant and unsettling events, no time to rest, no break, no peace, no happiness, just straight hell.


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