My First Experience – At Work in Cape Town

At a Glance

  • Non ending strange events for months and months
  • At work, there is no privacy, initial assumption there are spy cameras
  • Later realize no privacy at home as well
  • Colleagues are cohersed or blind folded into making comments
  • Illegal spy videos of my work screen and home life used as proof
  • Proof is that I need to be fired for incompetence
  • False accusations and lies e.g that I am a fraud, incompetent, but no HR process
  • Management completely deny there is a problem
  • After leaving come to know about gangstalking – it was all planned

I started to experience gangstalking while working in Cape Town but at first (like most other targeted individuals) did not know what was going on until months later.

Things started off as some sort of work place mobbing where all my colleagues appeared to be against everything I did. This is all thanks to some invasion of privacy where my work screen was being streamed to all.

Am not sure of the details, who placed the shared stream, who instructed my colleges to react in the way they did, but at the time I did not know its gangstalking.

Basically when a person knows they are being watched, and has absolutely no privacy, they are bound to get into a negative and demoralized state. Everything happening on my screen, everything that I typed, every email, website my work, live streamed.

Typing mistakes or “slow” typing would form the basis of accusing me to be a complete scammer and unqualified for my job. This would go on for the next months. Everyday I would come to the office, not know where the hidden camera is, not know how I was spied, not know why my colleagues were always laughing and commenting on my work.

Not only was it my work but also my personal life. Completely confused as to how they knew events of my private life, activities happening in my private home, everything ,from the tv shows, food I eat, adult websites I visit, sexual activity.

I only assumed there are hidden spy camera in my home, my life being completely exposed, having no privacy and completely lost my dignity and character at the office.

Offcourse I would look like some strange animal, colleagues were continuing to push management to have me “removed” from the company as I have now effectively become some kind of circus.

While all of this is going on, I constantly have communication with my direct manager to ask what is going on. For clarity, for why I am being accused as a fraud and a cheat, for why spy videos of my personal life are being shared in the office, for why videos of me masturbating at my home are a talking point

Reply: I do not know what you are talking about, there is no spy, hidden cameras in the office, you might actually be delusional. We can suggest you see a mental specialist at our cost.

Truth is there were a lot of other strange events that were also taking place, and it would not be enough to just label a person as insance. Manager knew this, office knew this, public knew this.


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