Electronic Harassment. The Perfect Weapon for Insurance Fraud

Military technology is often kept a state secret but does not make it safe from theft by criminal gangs. Such technology can be as much as 10 to 20 years ahead of what an average citizen can imagine making is use on innocent victims hard to be detected.

An outline of how electronic harassment and gang stalking is used to murder an employee for company insurance. The steps are how a digital agency in Cape Town (South Africa) plays on job seekers for fraudulent profits.

The Normal Looking Job Post
Company puts out a job post for candidates with mid to expert experience, promise competitive market related remuneration. Job post claim the role is due to the growing company and having new opportunities from clients.

Actively looking for Easy Prey
Calls candidates in for a job interview, do all security checks, but only select candidates with a not so strong background or candidates that will be easy to set up.

Besides the standard background check for criminal records and references, the underground team does a more detailed stalking check with the aim of finding dirt on the candidate. This could be secretly baiting previous employers of the candidate for negative flags or simply looking for obvious incompetencies. This list of negatives against the candidate will later be used as the basis for constructive dismissal or blackmail to force a compensation free termination.

Put in other words, the company filters out what should have been very qualified candidates and employ only those that would be trapped for guilt and set up for work place mobbing. This is simply because THERE IS NO legitimate vacancy only an elaborate scam.

Practical examples, if the candidate is on medication for say depression or bipolar, the underground gang would have done this sort of check. Or if the candidate had been fired before (chances that he will mess up again to be easily fired).

Placed on the Hit List
Once the candidate accepts offer of employment, he or she is then unknowingly placed on the hit list for artificially constructed events that increase the likelihood of death. First few months go by with the employee completely unaware of the under ground gangĀ  that begins to stalk and calculate ways to disrupt his life.

This underground gang will ensure (when the time is right) that the employee

  • Cannot find another job or any means to have an income
  • Does not have a social life, or have all relationships destroyed
  • Looses social standing by spread of lot of serious lies and rumors
  • Is involved in staged car accidents, forced entry into home for food poisoning, tampering with car
  • Dies of created terminal illnesses such as cancer

Things all seem normal for a few months until being deliberately fired via workplace mobbing and constructive dismissal.

Workplace Mobbing
After only a few months, the employee is systematically fired. Often the very confused individual is left no choice but to resign from the job not knowing all was planned. Victim leaves not knowing it will not be possible to find another job or about the existence of the specialized paid gang.

Placed Under Surveillance
Individual is placed under 24/7 surveillance at his private home and at work either by using a number of hidden electronics, bugs and spy cameras. Or by using advanced military technology known as remote neural monitoring, the equivalent of placing a hidden nano microchip on the victim.

Privacy then becomes impossible as all activities are recorded helping the underground gang to sabotage all key events( for instance job applications, eaves doping into communications, getting to know the victim’s daily routines etc).

More so is there are compromising acts such as alcohol consumption, sexual activities … things that should be private, all recorded and later used to discredit the victim.

Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment
Once the employee has left the company, full on gang stalking and electronic harassment tactics are used to end his life. At this point in time, its near impossible to prove electronic harassment making it a viable weapon for murder.

Most victims go for years without knowing what is happening. For one most of the life sabotage and attacks are done remotely thanks for the surveillance. It becomes impossible to find the gang, to stop it or even fight back.

When will it end: Part 3: Crime that is growing

  • Gangstalking Crime is growing exponentially
  • A given victim has 3 to 12 perpetrators
  • Spreading lies and rumors might eventually exhaust a given social circle
  • Technology might reach into the wrong hands
  • Crime might loose its roots of being carefully planned and slow kill
  • New generation of criminals might go for a quick kill, quick reward

In the previous 2 parts, looked at how decreases in the tax pool from crippled workforce as well as technological advances will help bring more awareness to gang stalking and electronic harassment.

Runs out of people to lie to
Besides the mind control and surveillance, gangstalking, the part that destroys a person socially and leaves him as an outcast, this part requires real effort from the perpetrators. For instance to sabotage a job application, a call or email has to be sent to the prospective employer. To sabotage a relationships people have to be contacted.

Now things get interesting years down the line, when more and more of the same patterns begin to emerge. Image person A having 5 close friends. hears ugly rumors about friend 1 and ends the friendship. Then 3 years later hears similar ugly rumors about friend 2 also friend 2 acting crazy, terminates friendship only to hear the same rumors about friend 3 this time around only 1 year later.

Something will just not add up. At some point the gangstalking scheme will begin to run out of fresh green non targets who have not heard lies before.

Growing Career for Perpetrators
Number of victims is growing and so is the number of perpetrators. Roughly there are 3-12 perps per victim. There are no real figures of this unregulated industry but in 2020 there could be about 1.5 million victims in the most powerful nation in the world.

This would mean between 4.5 mil and 18mil perpetrators. Growing number of perpetrators will mean the career is no longer secretive or elite, it can easily degenerate into any other common low life crime.

Now if one is an unhappy perp for whatever reason, lets say 5 years in the game and the perp wants to now be the boss? what then, what stops those with higher ambitions to start their own shops, hire the younger generation cut out the big boss, get more of the cash?

Unsophisticated Criminal Getting hold of the technology
Because this crime gets most of its power from having the victim completely powerless, its very attractive to criminals who want to get away with murder. Such tools and technology in the very wrong hands will lend to scenarios where victims are being killed quicker to make the bucks quicker.

As things stand right now, the crimes are well planned, strict and almost military like. They require a lot of patience and precision from the perpetrators. In short cannot afford to make to many mistakes.

But its still a growing crime. What happens when a not so patient, not so careful, not so sophisticated criminal gets hold of the tech and cuts out the gangstalking part, goes straight for the kill.

Quicker Kills, Quicker Bucks
Why wait 3-5 years to simulate an illness for converting up the tracks if a non sophisticated criminal can use this amazing remote, non touch weapon as a substitute for a gun.

Instead of robbing at gun point, the criminal mind control the victim draw large sums from a bank, drive the car to a convenient location cash in car, park, then have the victim kill himself or walk back home with no memory recollection of the entire event.

Crime being too Common
Its not only the criminals but also in a domestic setting. As things stand today, some of the motives for using electronic harassment are not monetary at all but simply to make the victim suffer out of revenge.

Examples angry ex wife wants to get back at husband, or some sick male wants to sexually assault a number of women. Or some start up entrepreneur wants to have his employers as slaves, they are mind controlled to only work even on weekends, public holidays, overtime while only taking home very little.

When will it end – Part 2: Victim’s stories gaininig credibility

Part 2 – Technology to bridge the gap and help spread the word.

  • Problem: Non victims do not think its technologically feasible
  • Consequence: Spreading the word is hard, victim is labeled crazy
  • In near future (year 2020) technology will bridge the mental block in non victims
  • Mind reading, stalking via live stream video will all be feasible
  • Victim’s stories will be more credible

In part one, the problem is that those in power are turning a blind eye to this issue because they are profiting or are being threatened to not take any action.

Its only when about a significant number of tax payers (say about 25% of the workforce) cannot contribute to the tax pool that most will begin to take action. How ever this will take between 20 and 50 years.

It will not only be this dying of people that can help bring the problem to the fore, but also technological advances, yes that interned bandwidth and that smart phone that most stalkers can use almost anywhere (at bus station, at the coffee shop at the park)

Non Victim finds its hard to believe
What is the problem here? Most non victims just do not think its possible at least technologically The idea of mind reading, of controlling someone’s mind of a victim becoming a living GPS and almost robot like, its a huge mindset jump, almost too sci-fi.

Live stream harassment videos bridge the gap
But what if most people can see a victim being harassed, this is not hard at all. Gangstalkers will in most cases fool neighbors and friends into stalking the victims via video streams being broadcast live. So all the victim does is almost a live video, being in the toilet, getting to bed, searching the web.

So by broadcasting the events and seeing through someone’s eyes (victim’s eyes being a sort of camera) it then becomes immediately believable.

Consumer electronics to bridge the gap
Other technological advances will be consumer electronics. Just see how far the smart phone has come along in 2010 it was a luxury, 2015 a necessity, 2020 smart phones will be taken for granted, it will now be about smart wearable (smart watches and VR/AR – Google glass and the likes).

Most smart watches will be with some sort of heart rate monitor some other sensors, bandwidth everywhere, so by 2020 there will be very little wow factors in technology

With all of this technology and the fact that stalking will be relatively easy now thanks to even more advanced smart phones that can stream live videos, it will be hard to label and victim as just a mental case.

Mainstream Research into Mindreading
What will also be a big boost in busting the mind reading is impossible myth, will be main stream legal and publicly transparent researches currently taking place.For instance to help the deaf, blind and those who cannot communicate.

These are aimed at providing medical benefits as opposed to being tools to commit crimes. Off course the public will be very concerned about their minds being read, and legislation and roll out will take a lot longer.

However the fact will be non victims will have credible sources and undeniable proof this exists

When will Gangstalking and Electronic harassment end – Part 1


  • Problem has been going on for years
  • Those in power do know very well the issue
  • Profits and denials are the problem
  • It will take a dry of of these profits to stop the problem

I got to know I am a targeted individual around June 2016 after months of strange events that started at my work place. I went through a very tough and confusing 6 months where there was a lot of pain, stress and depression.

So then when will this end when will it be the first time what people can get a remedy or cure for electronic harassment and gangstalking?

Its worth remembering that at the core of gangstalking is the fact the perpetrator can see all that the victim does 24 hours a day. Take away the surveillance and privacy invasion (i.e take away the chip or whatever i used to control the brain) then a goof chunk of the problem is solved.

It sounds easy enough, one can just find a doctor or scanner then take the crap out.

Why has this not been done (on a larger scale at least)? I have read many accounts of victims that have struggled for over 10 years some close to 20 years and offcourse they would have tried everything.

Why is this dragging on for so long? See this post as to why this will carry out for years to come. In short government, medical practitioners, law enforcement and the media all know exactly what is going on. They know the A-Z of the problem but because they are profiting, they are playing dumb or incomplete denial.

It then makes perfect sense that the only way this will stop is if the profits begin to dry up, and sadly this will mean a lot of people, a significant portion of the population will have to be victims.

A good number would be 25% of the workforce being completely sick, depressed and not able to contribute to the economy. Currencies will just be crippled with everyone claiming from health insurance, retirement funds, work absenteeism, decreased tax pool for the government.

Then the next logical question is when will 25% of the workforce be in such a terrible state? Did a number of calculations and (will not get into the details here) but in short if for a country with a workforce of 160million people, it would take about 21 years only if the rate of new victims also happens to be 25%.

That’s a long time and a lot of victims later, and if you are to have pity and only 10% new victims per year this will take 49 years, roughly half a century or 2 generations.

Why Gangstalking will be around for years to come

It is a crime, its killing people, its wrong, but how come there seems to be on one who is doing anything about it?

Gangstalking has been around for a long time and of late has been claiming the lives of even more victims. But why has there not been a solution found by now?

1) There is a great deal of effort on the part of the government and the white collar organized crime to kill the spread of information. Meaning lots of money is spent in covering up tracks. Those in power are denying. (Lawyers, police, medical practitioners, Media). No person is going to risk their life just for a few victims.

2) A person is only aware of such as thing as organized/gang stalking when they become a victim. This is unlike other serious killers such as cancer, or STD’s or mental illnesses. In most cases most non victims carry on with their every day life

3) The scheme is just too complex and too clever to be understood by an average person. Most victims spend on average (I think) 3-5 years and only get to realize what is going on. I have bee so lucky it took me roughly 6 months

4) There is a great gap in understanding what the problem is. In my case even when presented with information and had all the facts on the table, it took me another month to get the full picture, to understand all the pieces and to accept reality.

5) Its a really negative topic, non victims do not want to be dragged in and will do all possible to avoid the topic. Also being too hard a topic to grasp they will not get it.

How many people are gangstalked in South Africa

At a glance

  • Had to get real stats, its the most concealed crime
  • Victims are not aware of the scheme
  • Personal estimate is between 2 000 and 10 000 targeted individuals
  • There are about 4 perpetrators per victim
  • Meaning total perps in SA can be between 8 000 and 40 000

This kind of crime is not only unique to first world countries but to also other parts of the world. In short where there is millions to be made out of killing people without them knowing or leaving a trace then its a go.

How many targeted individuals are there in South African cities such as Joburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town. And what are the stats for each province (Gauteng, Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalange)

The nature of the crime makes it hard to get any realistic stats. For one most victims do not know they are stalked for years, and even if they do find out, there is no way for them to get help.

As an estimate how ever, if one were to take a guess figures ranging from atleast 2 000 to 10 000 victims in South Africa (targeted individuals) are reasonable.

If there are victims it means there have to be perpetrators, dedicated 24 hour stalkers. A victim will have about 6 gang stalkers (2 being the most bare min)

How many dedicated gangstalkers in South Africa
Lets say 4 dedicated per victim, there will be between 8 000 and 40 000 people making a living out of harassing innocent victims. And this

Gangstalking in itself can be a means to make money. Considering a perpetrator who is completely jobless, no hope of ever being employed and is offered roughly R50 an hour, who would turn that down… R50 bucks to practically do nothing, no skill required, no education, nothing just sit and a harass a person to death.

Cost of running a gangstalking campaign

At a Glance

  • Stalking 24 hours a day is not free, stalkers need to be paid
  • Also there is costs to following me around the country
  • In most cases victims have to be killed for the motive to materialize
  • I am assuming between R25 and R75 per hour
  • Per year its between R438 000 and R6.57 million
  • Clearly there is a business motive, a profit gain

24 hour Stalking Means People are Paid
Having been stalked for a while and experiencing a number of strange events, it started to become clear there is somekind of profit being made somehow. It would have to make sense since I counted over 10 people who where regularly stalking me.

Not only was it stalking, but there were people constantly (as in 24 hours a day) doing work either by just shoving themselves into my life or stalking actions.

I was being followed from Cape Town to other parts of the country. On the plane, while I am in a public transport, while driving, pretty much all the time 24 hours a day (otherwise it would not be gangstalking)

So how much is being spent on these 10 odd people or at any given hour of the day, 3 people spying and stalking.

Who is going to be up at 2am in the morning to disrupt my sleep or do anything that interferes with my life?

The numbers
I would assume R25/hour at 24 hours a day for 365 days, this amounts to R 438 000 per year paid to any 2 people doing s shift. It could also be 4 people working 12 hour shifts or 8 people working 6 hours shifts.

Assuming R50/hour for any 2 people on a shift means R876 000 per year paid to my stalkers.
And R75/hour results in R6.57 millon a year

Now who in their right mind is going to throw away such a large amount of cash just to stalk a random person. This is definately a business where the scheme does make a profit.

If we take a 50% profit margin per year (on average) this would be
R219 000 profit per year for the R438 000 investment meaning a revenue of (R657K per annum)

Likewise for investment of R6.57m per year at 50% profit will need a revenue of R9.855 mil

This is almost R10 million per year revenue for a single victim being alive for that year.

Where does the money come from
There has to be some illegal white collar crime. Sums of money involved have to be enough to push a person to stalk and ultilmately kill the victim.